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Lifetime Fellows

This category of donors recognizes ULC Commissioners who have supported the ULF’s Annual Campaign with cumulative contributions of $10,000.00 or more.  All Lifetime Fellows receive special recognition in ULF annual reports in perpetuity.

Barry C. Hawkins
Bruce A. Coggeshall
Carl H. Lisman
Carlyle C. Ring
Edwin E. and Katherine Smith
Elizabeth Kent
Fred H. Miller
Frederick P. Stamp
Gene N. Lebrun
Harry D. Leinenweber
Harry L. Tindall
Howard J. Swibel
Jack Burton
Jack Davies
James C. McKay Jr.
Leon M. McCorkle Jr.
Martha T. Starkey
Michael Houghton
Peter F. Langrock
Raymond P. Pepe
Robert A. Stein
Sandra S. Stern
Steve Wilborn
Terry J. Care
Thomas J. Buiteweg
Thomas J. McCracken Jr.
Turney P. Berry
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