Message from the Chairman

Message from the Chairman

The Foundation’s primary function is to provide financial assistance relating to uniformity
of law in the United States – and elsewhere throughout the world where uniformity would be
helpful .

“Assistance” has come in a variety of forms, from acquiring the office condominium unit in
Chicago to house to ULC staff to funding the ULF Scholars program (which provides the ULC
with issue identification and scholarly research on potential Uniform law subjects .) The
Foundation has also made grants to the ULC to cover the costs of technological improvements
(such as the ULC website and membership database) and the History project .

The ongoing generosity of donors requires special mention . Many donors are Uniform
Law Commissioners who – in addition to donating their time, experience and knowledge to help
improve the laws which govern us – also willingly open their checkbooks, transfer securities,
designate the Foundation as a beneficiary of life insurance and retirement benefits and name the
Foundation in their estate planning . Other donors have recognized the benefits of the efforts
of the Uniform Law Commission and make financial and in-kind contributions. Many, many thanks to
all of you .

We are very proud of the Foundation’s donor tree which now adorns the reception area in the ULC’s
Chicago office. Please stop by to view it. Photographs are also available . It’s one small
effort on our part to acknowledge our donors – and to encourage others!

As Trustees, we take seriously our responsibilities and appreciate your guidance and
assistance . The Foundation passed a major milestone during the year when the unrestricted
endowment exceeded
$5,000,000 . We are very proud that we have reached that target, and eager to move onto the


Howard J. Swibel, Chair

Edwin E. Smith, Marti T. Starkey, Michael Houghton, Steve Wilborn, Charlie Trost